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Pharmaceutical Filters, Custom-Manufactured Filters,
Distributor of Quality Filter Cloth and Filter Papers


Kavon Filter Products Co. has the answer to your filtration problem! Over 50 years of experience and expertise make us the only place to go for your filter requirements, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Oil Refining
  • Chemical Processing
  • Carbon Fiber Production
  • Waste-Water Treatment
  • Food Processing
  • Edible Oil Refining
  • Dye & Pigment Manufacturing
  • Distillation & Fermentation
  • ……And Many More

Let our technicians and sales staff suggest the Filter Cloth or Ahlstrom Filtration LLC® Filter Paper that works best for your process requirements. Whether your process requires rolled goods, pre-punched sheets, or circles for your Sparkler, Niagara or Star press, Kavon Filter Products Co. has what you need. Need a non-woven for your process? We supply Hollytex® by Ahlstrom Filtration LLC®, and Reemay® in a wide variety of grades.

Our custom-manufactured filters are produced here in our Farmingdale, New Jersey facility. Our Fluid Bed Dryer Bags fit Glatt, Niro, Aeromatic, Fitzpatrick, Fluid Air, and Diosna equipment, to name a few. Send us your sample filter or diagram with measurements and specifications and we will precisely duplicate your filter.

Why choose Kavon Filter Products Co. over low-cost imports? Quality, Consistency, Best ROI….that’s what we have been providing to our customers for over 50 years. Our prices are most competitive; our turn-around time is fast. We have it all, right here at your fingertips! Browse our catalog to see our products and capabilities!

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Kavon Filter Products Company, Co. - Filter Specialists Since 1962